Posted by: hillad | November 3, 2009

Sports Media and Puns – JUST STOP IT!


Example of a bad pun

Is it just me or does the sports media love to use terrible puns all the time? Recently with the World Series going on between the Yankees and Phillies, it seems that everyone has forgotten the letter “f” and replaced it whenever possible with the “ph”. Why? It’s far from clever and completely unnecessary. I’ll admit I do enjoy a good pun but they are so infrequent that I’m surprised when they come along. It’s like you spend your life target shooting tin cans and never see any game and all of a sudden a giant bull moose appears and you’re like “whoa that’s crazy”. Being a fan of a soccer team named the “Gunners” the media seems to want to use the term as often as possible. Such as “Is Cesc gunner leave?” or “Arsenal gunning for the Title”, it’s almost insulting that someone would think to themselves, yes that is the best title I can possibly think of for this article. It just blows my mind. I am begging anyone and everyone “please! STOP IT!!” Think of the children, they already have enough problems spelling and when they ask you why feat is spelled “pheat” just tell them the author is dumb and save them the talk about what puns are.



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