Posted by: hillad | September 16, 2010

Top Gear Moment #1

A New Feature to this little used blog will be Top Gear Moments. Top Gear for those who don’t know is a fantastic Car show put out by the BBC in England. If you have any interest in cars whatsoever I would highly recommend it. Anyway, a friend and I were talking about certain moments in Top Gears past and it dawned on me that it would be a pretty good entry to have here. Anyway, there is no particular order or anything, just one that comes to mind while I’m writing this up. So without further ado…

Top Gear Moment #1

Series: 8
Episode: 3

The Amphibious Cars challenge. Jeremy is almost about to win the challenge when he turns his pickup truck with an outboard motor on the end (The aptly named Toybota) too quickly in his attempt to get to the finish line. The truck takes on too much water and flips over dunking both Jeremy and Richard, whose vehicle had already sunk, mere feet from the finish. James was nowhere to be seen in his incredibly slow sailboat-car. Jeremy is crawling onto the underside of his truck while Richard holds on to a rear wheel laughing his head off.

Jeremy rues his mistake and Richard holds on for dear life

Jeremy: I’m going to make it…
Jeremy(Narrating): I just had to turn around the pontoon and park. But I turned too hard and too fast.
Richard: Oh… haha…
Jeremy: THAT was a a mistake
Richard: You may have just overcooked it…
Jeremy: Richard…..Richard….
Richard: It’s going over… I’m just….Oh Sh*t…
Jeremy: That’s pretty cold… Ah that’s pretty bloody cold. I can’t believe it! Two Miles and it goes now! NO! NO! NOoo!


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