Posted by: hillad | September 19, 2010

Top Gear Moment #2

Series: 14
Episode: 1

The GT car tour of Romania in search of the Transfăgărăşan Highway. James May has just gotten back from driving his new Dacia Sandero that Jeremy had bought him as a present. James had been talking about and bringing up the Sandero in the “News” segment of the show for at least a year. Anyway, James got back from his first drive of his new gift and was talking with Jeremy and Richard as a huge semi truck backs into the Sandero. James is quite upset and runs over yelling at the truck driver. The truck driver blames James for parking the car behind him.

James is upset

James (Running towards the truck driver): NO! Stop! Stop! My car’s parked there
Romanian truck driver: (Something undecipherable in Romanian)
James (Yelling at the truck driver): You’re supposed to look. Look! Mirrors!
Romanian truck driver: (Some more undecipherable Romanian)
James: Motsa mers my arse, you backed straight into it, man!
Jeremy: Well why did you leave it parked behind a lorry?
James: Well, I didn’t know there was anybody in it. I was leaving it out of shot… I’ve only had it about half an hour. I think what he was saying in Hungarian or whatever it is, it’s my fault for parking the car.
Jeremy: Well it sort of is.
–Truck moves away to examine the damage–
James: Geez…
Richard: Oh ho!
Jeremy: Oh well


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