Posted by: hillad | September 27, 2010

Top Gear Moment #3

Series: 7
Episode: 3

Jeremy, Richard, and James take 3 super cars to the Millau Bridge in France. On their way to the bridge they have to take a nerve wracking drive through the center of Paris at night. This included going around the chaos that is the round about around the Arc de Triomphe. There were many gasps, near misses, and plenty of horn honking. Richard in particular seemed to have the roughest time of them all. The next scene is of the three presenters driving side by side down the Champs Elysees followed by them recovering from the ordeal at a cafe with beer and discussing their cars. A beer sounds about right after what they just went through.

Going around the Arc de Triomphe in Supercars

Jeremy (Narrating): The worst car in the world to try to drive through Paris is a supercar.
Jeremy: It’s like driving a post box. See I’ve got a truck here now and I only know that cause I can hear it.
Richard: Don’t scratch it!
Richard: Yeah shove in…
Richard: (Gasp)
Jeremy: I hope we don’t have to go around the Arc de Triomphe.
–Going around the Arc de Triomphe–
Jeremy: Oh! God that was close.
Richard: (Gasp)
Jeremy: It’s the sound of horns
Richard: Oh God! Excuse me.
Richard: Sorry
Richard: I know it’s a super car! It doesn’t have vertical take-off!



  1. I would like to vote (do you take votes?) that Jeremy’s “practical” review of the Ford Fiesta. They cover important issues such as how big is the boot? big enough to hold a zebra head. What happens if you get chased by baddies in a corvette in a shopping center? and What if I get asked to assist in a beach assault with the Royal Marines?

    This review almost convinced me I need a Fiesta.

  2. We here at Random Smattering of course welcome all suggestions and nominations for future topics. Indeed we even accept user submissions if one wishes to contribute! Thanks for your input we’ll be sure to address it in the not too distant future 🙂

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