Posted by: eseeders | September 30, 2010

Help is Here, Don’t Give Up

Even in a day and age where the internet connects us all we can still be made to feel so very alone and helpless. Just such a feeling has overcome many people including myself at times and there are few things worse than fighting through that alone… not all of us make it. Those ostracized by society carry the worst of this burden, our homosexual brothers and sisters are just one such group to be severely affected by this, especially in recent years. Lately, there has been a rash of teen and young adult suicides in the gay community due in no small part to incessant bullying and the undoubted feeling of loneliness many closeted individuals face.

We as a people cannot stand idly by, we must help as best we can and let us start by telling all those who feel alone out there that they are not alone. Tell them we are here and we are ready to help, be there for these children, they need you, they need all of us. Spread the word, it gets better.


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