Posted by: eseeders | January 10, 2011

Sci-Fi/Fantasy Movies to Check Out in 2011

The nerdtastic website io9 recently compiled a list of 55 (yes! 55!) sci fi/fantasy movies slated to come out this year. Here’s the full list if you’d like to check it out yourself – io9 link

I’ve combed the list myself picking out really cool or fun looking movies I hadn’t already heard of or know much about that I thought others might be interested in, they’re linked to below.

Your Highness – OMG Natalie Portman looks sooooooooo fucking hott in this movie! Maybe its just cause she’s a kick ass girl with a bad attitude (have i mentioned how much I love strong female leads in movies?) but I think I like her better in this than in Black Swan already haha. The movie also looks pretty unbelievably hilarious, just thought i should throw that in so I’m not a complete misogynistic prick about it 🙂
Your Highness trailer

Drive Angry – Looks like Nic Cage doing what he does best, being a bad actor in a bad movie. It still looks like fun though! haha
Drive Angry trailer

Battle Los Angles – Earth gets invaded by aliens blah de blah de blah. Lots of EXPLOSIONS!!! guns and lasers, what more could a nerd want right? 😀
Battle Los Angles trailer

The Adjustment Bureau – Ooo first really interesting movie on the list! Guy & girl meet, fall for each other but then a secretive organization which controls everything happening in the world conspires to keep them apart or destroy their lives. Ostensibly it’s an allegory about free will and freedom of choice or so it appears
The Adjustment Bureau trailer

Limitless – Another thinker of a movie, the premise here being a guy is given a super drug which allows him to use all of his brain power simultaneously. But then the guy controlling his supply of the drug wants something from him and thus begins the movie or something like that.
Limitless trailer

Super – DIY super heroes! Woo! Staring Dwight (Rainn Wilson) from the office as well as Ellen Page (she’s sooo fucking cute haha). Not an official trailer but a clip from the movie here
Super clip

Priest – Ok ladies, here’s one for you, Paul Bettany is in this and I know at least a few of you out there love this guy haha. So the movie is a post apocalyptic vampire slasher/kicking ass flick thingy apparently. It’ll probably have a terrible story but it could damn well be fun or at least laugh out loud silly like Legion was lol
Priest trailer

Now – I couldn’t find a trailer for this (ok i didn’t try that hard but hey I’m lazy :-p) but it sounds really interesting. In short, humanity has turned off the gene for aging and the new currency is time… how long you’re allowed to live. Read the synopsis at imdb
Now synopsis

One last thing, if you haven’t already, you absolutely MUST watch Sherlock, it is fucking brilliant tv, waaaaayyyyy better than the 2009 movie. In fact it’s what the movie probably should’ve been, smart witty and basically awesome. Here’s a link to the first episode, if it doesn’t draw you in in the first 15 or 20 min you can kick me but i can almost guarantee it will!
Sherlock Ep1


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