Posted by: eseeders | August 2, 2011

On Autopilot: 112th Congress Goes On Vacation

We’ve just come through the mighty debt ceiling fight wherein the GOP continued their haphazard dismantling of government with nary a Dem to get in the way. That discussion and its results are of course well covered by all sorts of outlets however what I haven’t heard much talk about is Congress taking a pleasant little summer vacation. Now that’s all well and good when the economy is going gang busters and unemployment isn’t an issue but the simple fact is we’re no where near that right now and they should be working to fix that.

Let me just remind people that our country is currently bumping up against 10% unemployment nation wide and not ONE jobs bill has been brought before the House. Where is the rancor and anger over this? How is it that those who are in a position to make a genuine difference to unemployment in this country can take a five week vacation in the middle of this crisis? Is there someone out there that can explain to me the cognitive dissonance necessary to let something like this slide? The government has the power to influence the economic situation in this country and it is thus incumbent upon them vis-a-vis the Constitution, that they should take steps to remedy said situation lest we sink further into catastrophe.


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