Posted by: eseeders | October 3, 2011

Daily Grab Bag 10.3

Good reads from the weekend

Social Issues (Feminism, LBGT, Racial, etc.) –

An interesting post on how our culture constantly downgrades women with negative language in our common vernacular (i.e. the “like a girl” issue).

Even in death, gay teens are still mocked and derided in our communities.

Here’s a nifty comic that exposes the frauds that are crisis pregnancy centers.

Health & Medicine –

Promising first results from a Spanish HIV vaccine. It should be strongly noted that these are just preliminary tests and there is still a long ways to go before this is approved (if it even gets there) for widespread use.

Scientists may have determined a way to make you sober after a long night of drinking, still a lot of questions though.

Three meals a day, no longer the norm in our society for good or ill.

Domestic Politics –

A heckler at an Obama fundraiser calls Obama the “anti-christ). Fundies strike again!


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