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Well, what can we say? Random Smattering is just that, a random smattering of ideas, topics, and contributors. Politics isnt the sole name of the game here, just one of the many headliners. Feel free to leave your two cents in the comments section.


eseeders – Grand Poohbah of Blogging

Graduate of Western Washington University with two Bachelors degrees in Political Science and History respectively. Without a doubt one of the chaviest urchins to grace the blogosphere but here he is none the less. Fascinated by most everything metallic and shiny he looks to one day do many things none of which will be enumerated here.

hillad- Titles are Overrated

A much tortured fan of all Seattle sports, but I continue with my unending support of those teams unless they are moved away from the Northwest by an Oklahoma jackass. I enjoy watching movies as long as I feel I can get something out of them. Too many recent movies are empty, especially those in the mainstream. My taste in music is usually indie rock or indie pop, but I like a lot of things save country which I think is a bit cheesy. I’m a bit of a gearhead, and have spent too much time drooling over pictures of Porsche 911s. I’ve got double bachelors degrees in my back pocket from the University of Washington. I’ll probably be posting most about sports for what its worth but also the other topics that I feel strongly about.

rochellemichon – The Instigator

Part-time web designer, full-time student, and all-the-time skeptic, Rochelle talks, writes, and thinks too much. When she’s not studying contemporary philosophy at WWU, designing new posters for her wall, or obsessing over grad school applications, she enjoys healthy debate, inventing random crafts, and reading way too many webcomics. She also has a penchant for lists of three apparently.

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