Rules For Commenting

The Rules

All comments are welcome, but we do ask that you follow a small set of rules if you do decide to leave your two cents.

1. First and foremost conduct yourself in a civil manner

2. Avoid using foul language

3. Insulting commenters, contributors, their family and/or their friends will not be tolerated.

4. Open debate is welcome but try to keep your comments related to the post.

5. Try to keep comment length down. If you have an extended rebuttal (or addition) to a post feel free to contact eseeders or hillad about doing a guest post.

These rules are subject to change when deemed necessary by the administration of this blog. While we do not wish to censor opinions, we reserve the right to do what we feel appropriate to maintain a civil discourse. If you have questions or concerns related to anything said above feel free to contact us.


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